Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Waiting Game...

Well, I'm still "great" with child although we had a tease last Friday and were convinced he was coming that night! I had contractions all day, starting with my ride into work. By the time I got off, they were still coming fairly regularly, although not getting any stronger. Jeff and I had planned one last date night before this baby comes (one of the GREAT benefits of having Pop-Pop living with us!!) so we headed out to dinner and to see a movie. We ended up eating at an Indian Restaurant, (something we've enjoyed since our honeymoon in London) and I was remarking about how I hoped I wouldn't be experiencing this meal again later!! What was I thinking eating Indian anyway??
Well, all throughout our dinner I was letting Jeff know when I would have a contraction. At that point they were 4 minutes apart and starting to feel stronger. We were so excited! We decided at that point that it would be a good idea to skip the movie and go home and go to bed. We know from experience how hard it is to labor in the middle of the night and not get any sleep! With M, my labor started at 9:45 PM and he wasn't born until 1:26PM the next day.
So, we threw all of our "labor" bags in the car and went to bed....and woke up the next morning!! Argh! What a tease!! :-) Although I'm very happy my body seems to be gearing up, I'm VERY anxious to get this show on the road! Haven't had much to get too excited about since then, so it's still a waiting game. God's in control and I know he'll come at just the right time! But it's soooo hard to wait! :-)


  1. Didn't know you'd been having contractions lately. Jeff never mentioned it to me Sunday night when I talked to him. Please give us a phone call when you go to the hospital so we can pray for you and make plans to come out. More than likely we'll be driving.

    Take care. Love you all very much,.

    Mom Ream

  2. I promise - You WON"T be pregnant forever!!! Keep us posted!