Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Smallest Details

We had another "teaser" day this past Saturday with me contracting all day long (I REALLY hope this all helps to shorten the real thing!). At one point they were every THREE minutes and I was pretty hopeful. Of course, this was while I was sweeping/mopping my kitchen floor, but still!!
I had a hard time sleeping last night. I woke up at 3AM and no matter what position I tried, felt short of breath. I finally propped up on 2 pillows and laid there wide awake for what seemed like forever! This is like waiting for one big party and you don't know when it's going to happen!
I go for my next appointment with my midwife tomorrow and she told me last week that if I'm still around, she will try to "sweep my membranes". I leave it for all of you to Google the meaning of that if you don't know, instead of providing details here! :-) Suffice it to say that if she can do this, and if it's successful, there's a good chance that we could be heading to the hospital tomorrow night!
This is also a very busy week at work for Jeff with a HUGE VIP event taking place on Saturday and rehearsals for him tomorrow night, so not quite sure how all of that will work out and this is definitely putting more stress on him. I'm so glad that God has the very smallest details of our lives in His hands! It's times like these that I finally get the knock on the head from Him that reminds me that I really have NO control over ANYTHING and that all He requires of me is to just lay everything at His feet and TRUST that He knows what's best for all of us! :-)
Keep your prayers coming as we are in the final stretch! (No pun intended! HA!) Hopefully my next post on here will include pictures of our new little man!

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