Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, just returned from my midwife appt a little while ago. I'm bummed since she was NOT able to do the "sweep" like we were hoping for. Baby H is in good position (low and at "0 station"), but he's just not quite ready to come yet! So, we continue to wait and pray and hope and dream of holding him very soon! I don't go back to see Ronni until next Weds. but she (and we!) are hopeful that I will deliver before then!
Physically, I'm feeling pretty good. For me, this has been a little mentally taxing, though. I keep getting myself psyched up to go and then I have to change gears again. Jeff made a good point on the way back from the appointment saying that hopefully all of this is going to lead up to a quicker/easier labor and delivery! I'm so thankful I had him with me to try and cheer me up. Although, I have to say he was just a bit too giddy for me! :-) I think he was relieved that it WASN'T time for him to "gear up" just yet!
Thank you all so much for your prayers for us. I know that God is ultimately and completely in control!!

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