Thursday, May 1, 2008

News Gator

Updated (1/28/10):
While NewsGator was good for a's no longer the tool I use to organize all of the blogs I read.
If you haven't already, check out Google Reader!  It's free if you have a Google account (also free) and A-mazing!

Original Post:
Recently our Lead Pastor, John Cremeans blogged about a cool online tool for anyone who, like me, has several blogs that they like to follow on a regular basis.  It's called NewsGator ( and it's AWESOME!! Using NewsGator, you can list all of the blogs that you like to follow and when you sign in, it will actually tell you if any of your blogs have new posts!  If they do, you can click on it and read it right there!  This is such a time saver and you don't waste your time going to blogs that haven't changed any since the last time you visited. Neat, huh?  I just made an account for myself the other day (it's free) and I LOVE it!
Just thought I'd share the joy!  Happy blogging!

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