Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quote of the Day

Of course we might be partial, but M is such a funny kid!  He is always saying stuff or doing stuff that makes us laugh.  I always say that I need to write these funny quotes down so that I can remember them later, but usually forget.  Today it occurred to me that I could start a "Quote of the Day" list on my blog!  That way, I can jot them down as they happen for our amusement as well as yours and have them to look back on in the future.
So, here's one from today (imagine it with all of the enthusiasm and gusto that only a 3 year old could put into it):
"Mommy, I told Miss Liz (his preschool teacher) that she can come over to our house and eat Macaroni and Cheese!!"
Random, I know, but I couldn't stop laughing! :-)  I can't wait to hear what Miss Liz thought!
I'd love to hear some funny or memorable quotes from your kids!


  1. My neice Jordan who is five (upon entering their hotel room this week at Disney) "Now THIS is what I'm talkin about!" I cracked up

  2. My kids were at the dinner table arguing and I placed my head in my hands and said God give me strength to which my son said "Just go to the gym mom"! Hmmm-and he is about to be a teenager!! The hits keep coming. Isn't that baby here yet?!

  3. Lisa and Kathleen,
    These made me laugh out loud!! (Especially the sympathetic "gym" comment. That will be Mason one day! :-)
    Here's another one from a couple of weeks ago that I remembered recently:
    As Mason and I walked outside one morning to go to school Mason was remarking about how it was a "Beautiful Day". I said "Yeah, God made a beautiful day, didn't He?" To which Mason responded, "Yeah, I can't BELIEVE it!!"
    Made me laugh!
    And no...no baby yet!! Where are my prayer warriors?!? :-)

  4. Love the quotes. "Out of the mouths of babes."