Friday, March 28, 2008

John & Kate + 8

I LOVE this show! John & Kate Gosslin are the amazing parents of 2 sets of multiples: Twin 7 year old daughters and 3 year old sextuplets! Can you imagine?? Well, they are such a neat family to watch--they open their home and their lives for the rest of us to take peeks at how they do it through their show "John & Kate + 8". You can check out their website here:
They also take time to travel around the country and often do speaking engagements in local churches. This Sunday they will be in Avondale, PA at Elk Creek Church (check out my link for Pastor Mike Silliman's blog!) and I have two tickets for it!! Unfortunately, I forgot that I will be singing this Sunday at our own church and won't be able to attend. If anyone would like to go to this (or know any other BIG Fans of the show) let me know as soon as possible! You can comment here or email me your interest. I'm sure you'll be blessed by their testimony!

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