Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love This Church!

Check out the AWESOME new look of Fellowship! This past Sunday was the "rollout" date for the new lights and design and I'm so pumped! Of course, these are just material things, but it's one more step for Fellowship, and it's one more step in our process of "Redefining Church in the Deleware Valley"! Sunday's service was amazing with God receiving all of the glory! I'm so grateful to be serving in such an awesome ministry and am really looking forward to what God will do this Easter Sunday!


  1. Hey Jennifer-

    Awesome to hear from you! Looks like your family is doing well and your church has a similar vision as C3. We'll both add your blog to our reader so we can keep stay in touch.


  2. Thanks Barry! I love seeing comments every now and then from Amanda on the C3Wives blog. Does she comment on any others? Tell her she MUST continue the "At Home With Amanda" series!! :-)