Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekly Highlights

Ok, so I know I've been a total slacker this past week with the blogging...something that totally annoys me as well!  It's been a busy week with many events that I could have been blogging about, but as you already know, have neglected to do until longer!!  I have made a new vow to myself that from this point on:  I WILL blog even if I don't have pictures to go with my "stories", I WILL blog about useless, random musings that happen to only be tiny insights into my life, and I WILL sometimes combine the ENTIRE events of the week into one posting instead of feeling guilty for not posting for each one separately!!!  There, now I feel better.
Sooooo, to kick off my new resolutions, let me bring you up to date on some of the highlights of THIS week.  Sorry, no pictures as of yet, but I WILL try to post some later!
  • Last Saturday (March 29th) the WONDERFUL ladies of Fellowship held a baby shower for our VERY soon to arrive little man, H.  It was a great time, and I am so thankful to Kathleen and Courtney for putting this together for us.  You guys rock!  I never really expected to have a shower for our second, so I've been incredibly thankful and humbled that you all wanted to do this for us!  We are so blessed by Fellowship and all of our friends!
  • This shower also inspired me to FINALLY get out all of the bins I've had stored in the basement with all of M's infant clothing.  It was fun to unpack and wash all of his little outfits and relive the memories of when he was that small.  It also makes H's pending arrival seem that much more REAL!  I had fun this week getting everything clean and put away in his closet.
  • The nursery is really starting to come together!  This is also very exciting to me as I am definitely in my "nesting" period and want everything to be just right before his arrival.  This week we bought the rug for his room (we have all wood floors in the bedrooms) and just today bought the changing table and put it together.  Thanks SOOOO much Nana and Grandma for helping us with this!  It's beautiful!  Next week we are planning a yard sale and we hope to use whatever we make from that to purchase a new glider/ottoman.  So exciting!
  • This past Wednesday two very cool things happened.  The first was my 34 week visit with my midwife, Ronnie.  She is wonderful and makes me feel so at ease and confident about my attempt at a VBAC.  For any of you guys reading who don't want the details of what that means, you might want to skip to the next bullet point NOW!  Of course, VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, as M ended up a "C" after 16 hours of labor, me being stuck at 5 cm, and his continual heart decelerations.  I was very disappointed of course after having a wonderful, uncomplicated pregnancy and knew that I would want to attempt natural birth again with our next.  Well, this has NOT been an easy thing to get support for!!  Most OB/GYNs and hospitals discourage it or are not very supportive (from what I've found) with the idea of a VBAC.  Ronnie is the fourth provider I've seen during this pregnancy and I just started with her at 28 weeks!  It took me that long to find a provider AND a hospital that would be supportive in this endeavor!!  Please be praying with me/us for a healthy labor and delivery and above all a healthy little boy!  The second cool thing happened Weds. night.  I had a staff meeting for my job that evening at 5:00 which ended up being another surprise baby shower for myself and another coworker who's expecting her second as well!  I was soooo surprised!  We had a great time and we each received $100 worth of gift cards for the babies!  How cool is that?!
  • That brings us to today.  M started running a fever this morning and again this evening so I probably will be keeping him home from church tomorrow.  I'm disapointed to miss being able to be in the audience tomorrow for a couple of reasons.  God recently led us to a new sound engineer (who rocks!)  and I was looking forward to "hearing" what the music was going to sound like tomorrow from OFF the stage!  The band is also doing a new favorite song "Break Free" which is totally rockin' (M requests it now EVERY time we get in the car) and I was looking forward to hearing it for the first time at Fellowship.  I pray that in all these things that God will receive ALL of the glory!  
For now, I am sooo tired,  having worked this morning for four hours, and I am definitely ready for some "down time" with Jeff (who was wonderful enough to give our little boy his bath and put him to bed!)  Now it's onto some popcorn, chillin' and watching WHATEVER!  Well, that's it for all of my updates!  Hope you all have a wonderful week and a blessed Sunday!!  


  1. Hi! I'm sending you loads of positive thoughts for you VBAC. There is certainly not a lot of support for women wanting a VBAC, but there are a ton of women, like me, who understand the value of vaginal birth not only for the mom, but for the baby. I had a wonderful VBAC in my home 4 months ago and it was incredible. If you are a birth story nut, you can read mine at
    I can't wait to read your story!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement. It's always inspiring to hear other VBAC stories..especially successful ones! Congrats on your new little boy!