Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night Nesting

As I type this Jeff is on his way to watch the Phillies game with some friends and believe it or not, my "nesting" is so bad, that I chose to stay home on a Friday night to CLEAN instead of go to the game!  HA!  So, in order to keep myself on track (and to ensure, hopefully, that I don't spend the night on BLOGS) I am going to write down my goals for the night:
(By the way M stayed home with Mommy too and is happily watching Disney's "CARS" movie for the upteenth time!)
  • Finally pack our bags for the hospital!
  • Finish washing, folding and putting away the washcloths and hooded towels I dug out of boxes yesterday
  • Wash and then sterilize all of the old bottles, pacifiers and "pump" parts that I also found in boxes
  • Put a change of clothes in the car (just in case)
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Give M a bath and put him to bed
  • Sweep the dog hair (the bane of my existence) off of the floors!!
  • And for good measure...If I have ANY time left, clean the fish tank! 
Doesn't this sound like an exciting Friday night?!   
Now, too bad I wasted 20 minutes looking for a picture to go with this blog...

It's now 10:00 and I've completed NONE of my tasks for the night! (*Sigh*)  Jeff, who's been suffering from weird cases of dizziness all week called me from the game not long after I signed off to ask me to come and pick him up. (You know he's not feeling well if I have to take him from a Phillies game!!)  Please pray for him, he's really been struggling to feel well lately. 
Better luck tomorrow, I hope...

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