Friday, October 2, 2009

"Casting" Our Cares Away...

So our little one had his big appointment on Wednesday to have his cast removed.
Yeah!!  ((Can you hear the chorus of angels singing??))
It was a day we have all eagerly anticipated over the past 3 weeks.
Although we're thankful for modern medical marvels such as casts, having a 16 month old wearing one has definitely affected our day-to-day.
Of course, with no more cast, we wouldn't be able to enjoy...

  • Wearing Daddy's big sock over his arm at the dinner table...

  • Attempted "sponge baths" over the kitchen sink; washing his head/hair with the sprayer while his head rests comfortably on an overturned soup pot while he cries and flails his arms wildly; angry that we would DARE to force this manner of bathing on him!

  • Cleaning the spaghetti sauce, bananas, oranges, gravy and cheerios out of his hair with wipes in an attempt to avoid the aforementioned "sink" bath.

  • Constantly worrying that I would forget to pick up the dog dish full of water and he would proceed to splash to his hearts content and his cast's demise.

But alas, I need not mourn too long...

After having his pumpkin-y colored cast removed and new x-rays taken, it was determined that one of the two fractured bones still needed a little TLC and healing time so....
Hello, fall-ish Navy Blue color!
See? I don't mind a bit!

And..."Hello!" to one more week of dirty boy!

Just kidding, cause I SOOO give him a bath EVERY night.


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