Friday, January 22, 2010

Still Waiting, But God is Working Miracles!

Long story short:
The children from my nephews' orphanage are STILL at the orphanage in Haiti.
Workers decided NOT to walk the children the 2km on Wednesday, opting instead to send several workers to the Embassy to process the paperwork. (Turned out to be a VERY good decision as they were turned away and asked to present more documentatin.)
Thursday, an attempt was made to drive 114 of the children (toddlers and older kids on a bus, and infants in a van) to the Embassy, but horrible road conditions, dead bodies and the unbearable heat in the bus led the workers to decide to head back to the orphanage.  The younger children were beginning to get ill.  You can see coverage of this trek here (covered by Soledad O'Brien from CNN).  The team got permission to process the remaining paperwork without the children present and that is what's currently going on now.

Sooo many blessings have occured in the past few days!  Supplies have been given, buses and vans donated, Samaritan's purse has gotten involved, doctors and even a search and rescue team are now with the children and are committed to seeing them through this journey!

One of the doctors present with the children just posted this on her FB page: "Pierre (the Haitian director of the orphanage) has been invited by CNN to be interviewed for the Telethon for Haiti tonight by C Anderson Cooper broadcasting to an estimated 40 million people.  Is God Good or What???? THIS IS REALLY FOR HIS GLORY!"

I am so grateful for all of the people all over the world praying for these children and am so relieved to see so many giving of themselves to ensure that they make it safely to their families!
God IS so good.  "An ever present help in times of trouble."
Thank you Jesus for working your miracles even in the midst of chaos and trouble.  You ARE SO Good!

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